All About Amazon Feedback

All About Amazon Feedback

Amazon Seller Feedbacks are one the most important thing for customers. Learn all information about Amazon feedback.

Customers leave 2 types of rating in Amazon. First one is product reviews which they leave for products. The second one is seller feedbacks. These feedbacks are shown in your Seller Store page and effect customers' decision very much

Sellers can see the order ids for the feedbacks that they receive. This is very important in order to take action. If customers are unhappy about the seller, it is very important to solve the problem that the customer encounter and take action in order to compensate it. Customers are more likely to remove negative customer feedback when sellers solve their problems and take immediate action about it. 

You can get much more customer feedbacks by Amazon's new Request a Review button

As you see, Amazon's own request email has both review and feedback requests. Since Amazon sends this feedback request itself, it is very effective. You can automate this button by CaptainAMZ from this Amazon-feedback