How to get reviews on amazon

How to get reviews on amazon

As you know, Amazon Reviews are essential to get more sales. Learn how to get more reviews on Amazon in a legal way which is 100% comply with Amazon Terms of Service TOS.

1. Provide great value for customers. Many negative reviews include customers feeling confounded about a product. Be truthful about what you are selling, and have as much reliable, reliable information as possible about your product to prevent misunderstanding or false expectations.

2. Request reviews from Amazon via your websites' Newsletter or your own social media. The people already like you subscribing to your newsletter and your fans on Twitter, so why not ask them for reviews? There's a good chance they've already bought a product from you, and they can have valid, constructive feedback and review for Amazon customers.

3. Send Follow up emails and use Request a Review Button. One of the best ways of obtaining those positive feedback is by follow-up promotions. Such promotions consist of a series of emails that are sent at certain times and enabling you to "persuade" the customer to leave reviews.

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4. Add product packaging insert. Another simple method for seeking approval is to use inserts for product packaging. These are small cards with name of your business and brand story on them; ask your customer to leave a comment at the end of the article.

5. Use Amazon's Early Reviewer Program. It is served by Amazon and it is very effective. You pay $60 per product and this makes you to get 5 reviews. If you cannot get 5 reviews, Amazon will keep the early reviewer listing for 1 year. Your product needs to have few reviews like below 10 reviews in order to be eligible to submit your product to this program.