How to remove Amazon negative feedback and review

How to remove Amazon negative feedback and review

Negative Amazon Feedbacks and Reviews can kill your business. Learn how to remove Amazon negative feedback and review with best ways

1. Make Amazon to remove it: We can't wait to find out how to delete 1-star ratings on Amazon until you have witnessed their negative effect on your sales. This is possible: If the feedback does not comply with the rating policy, it will delete it. You can apply by clicking a single button in your Feedback section in your Amazon Seller Central. Amazon algorithm checks automatically and remove it if it does not comply with Amazon Terms of Service TOS. You can also apply to Amazon Seller Central support for this.

The Amazon Review Removal Policy

  • The article must be about the product, and not the seller
  • It is not allowed to comment on competitive prices, product quality or alternative buying choices.
  • Neither is material that is libelous, defamatory, insulting, threatening, or offensive
  • Writing cannot be some strict format which is indecent, pornographic, or lewd, or that includes nudity or sexually suggestive images.
  • Anything that encroaches on privacy, such as phone numbers, email addresses.
  • Drowning out thoughts by sharing or communicating with others from various accounts. Consumer Promotions etc
  • Offering or seeking reimbursement for material

2. Publicly comment below the feedback. But how to respond to a negative review of products or feedbacks on Amazon?

When commenting on a review, please be careful to do these:

Give your opinion on an issue in the review, explain what you have done to fix a specific problem and why it won't happen again in the future, prove that you care for your customers and provide a stellar customer service, ask your customer to contact you through the Buyer-Seller-Messaging so you can help him for the problem

3. Never intimidate or incentivise critics. Amazon has an extremely stringent policy when it comes to negative reviews.

Reviews which are promoted are not permitted. You are forbidden to ask customers to change their negative ratings in return for discounts or extra gifts.

The laws relate to being involved with the clients.

When you receive a negative review on your website, you can not behave in a way that could be perceived as a challenge to a customer to change their opinion.

When Amazon reviews are insulted or promoted, you risk being permanently disqualified or your Seller Account being suspended.

4. Never Spam to your customers

Amazon takes the customer experience very seriously because it aims to give its customers the best online shopping experience. And you risk getting a fine if you do something to interrupt the customer experience. Asking customers to leave reviews or contact customers who have left negative reviews is allowed. What's not permitted is to spam customers and will be closed if your account is recorded.