Once your payment has been received your service will start automatically. If payment is made via direct bank credit please note there will be delay until that payment has been received. If paying by credit card or by Google Payment then the account will be instantly set up, and full access granted.


Cancellation can be made anytime. When cancellation is made, the subscription stops automatically right after the remaining license days of the existing subscription plan.


If any feature of the paid subscription plan does not work and it is proved by sending the screenshots in the first 24 hours, the full refund of that month’s subscription is made. Otherwise, the refund is not possible.

If you cancel annual plan before it finishes, 20% early cancellation penalty fee is deducted from your existing days’ balance and the return is made for the net balance after the penalty fee within 7-10 days depending on your local bank.


If an upgrade is made to a higher subscription plan, the upgraded plan is charged when the upgrade is made and the remaining days of the existing plan are converted to upgraded plan days according to their value.


If a downgrade is made to a lower subscription plan, the downgrade is made after your downgrade request and the remaining days of the existing plan are converted to downgraded plan days as the exact same number of days of the existing plan.