Amazon Seller Feedback and Amazon Product Reviews, What is the difference?

Amazon Seller Feedback and Amazon Product Reviews, What is the difference?

New Amazon sellers usually do not know about the difference between Amazon Seller Feedback and Amazon Product Reviews, we want to describe them for newbies on Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon Seller Feedbacks are the ratings which your customers can give after their order and rate your Amazon store page. This rating is important especially If you are listing with many other sellers since customers choose the most and best rated Amazon sellers with many feedbacks. Amazon also gives Amazon Buybox.  As you know buy box is very crucial to get sales on specific products. Luckily you can find your Amazon store's feedbacks in Feedbacks section Perfermonce tab on your seller central. You can also see order ids here. You can also access these feedbacks below of your Amazon store's profile page on You cannot see order ids in this profile page.

Not only new sellers on Amazon but also majority of the customers do not know the difference between Amazon Seller Feedback and Amazon Product Reviews. As you see above, customers left product reviews on seller profile's feedback page. Which brings us the question, what is product reviews?

Product reviews are the ratings which Amazon customers OR anyone can give reviews on product listings. If a customers give product reviews after they buy,  these reviews are shown with Verified Purchase badge on product listing review part. If the review is made without purchase it is not badged like this.

Since product reviews are very important in order to be listed above in Amazon category or search pages, be careful to provide great quality of products with fast shipment and high customer service level